Welcoming international students and staff

Welcoming international students and staff

In the Université Bretagne Loire region, there are a number of one-stop services to help new international students, PhD candidates and researchers, as part of local approaches.


In Brest and Rennes, the services are pooled on each site:

The centre for international
mobility (CMI) in Brest

The centre for international
mobility (CMI) in Rennes

These centres provide a special welcome to new students and researchers, supporting them in their administrative obligations, especially by helping them with residency applications.


The EURAXESS network

An initiative of the European Commission launched in 2004, the EURAXESS network is made up of over 500 service centres in 40 countries. Its aim is to support visiting researchers, whether they are from countries inside or outside the European Union. The members of EURAXESS France, coordinated by the University Presidents Conference, help to give a professional welcome to researchers on a national level.

The Brest and Rennes CMIs have been given the EURAXESS Services Centre label.

These centres help researchers and their families to plan and organise their stay in the host country. The Overseas Researchers Association in Nantes, Nantes University and Angers University have also been given the Euraxess Local Point label by the European Commission.

 “EURAXESS services centres” provide personal assistance to researchers and their families, helping to:

  • prepare their stay: formalities for entering the country and during their stay (visas, residence permits, work authorisations, etc.)
  • make their stay easier: help in looking for accommodation, health coverage, opening a bank account, etc.
  • make daily administrative tasks easier: social security, unemployment contributions, child benefits, taxes, etc.
  • make integration easier: French lessons, cultural and leisure activities, etc.

To find out more: www.euraxess.fr