Support for the use of digital technology in teaching


With their recognised laboratories in the field of e-education, both in terms of I.T. and human sciences, the Brittany and Loire regions constitute one of the major players in this sector nationally.

Instructional design at the service of teachers

The network of instructional designers at Université Bretagne Loire, working on the Angers, Brest, Le Mans, Nantes, Rennes and Vannes sites, help create spaces dedicated to educational innovation and experimentation.
The aim is to bring together the forces that are already present in the institutions and to encourage the emergence of shared practices around innovations in learning, experimentation linked to research into e-education and support for players on the ground.
These instructional designers support all the institutions working in a network, while taking part fully in a metropolitan dynamic on each site. They ensure, in particular, that links are set up with the pre-existing spaces/services in certain institutions.
The first inter-regional centre for shared education in France, the educational and innovation service covers the sector of learning in higher education and digital technology. It is addressed to lecturer-researchers, teachers, researchers, PhD candidates and professionals whose work is linked to education and training.

The following activities are on offer

•    A provision of courses based on pooling resources from existing courses (particularly those produced by course designers from Université Bretagne Loire), the joint construction of new courses and contributions from outside experts (partnership projects, expertise exchange initiatives).
•    Seminars, study days, feedback on this theme (accreditation and digital technology, tools for in-class learning, secondary-school/university continuum) to promote exchanges between communities linked to university teaching, to digital teaching tools and educational applications, and to highlight educational and digital initiatives and practices
•    A learning lab/class prototype to experiment applications, tools and equipment developed by research laboratories and companies in a teaching context
•    A fablab/educational workshop to create teaching tools and materials (3D printers and scanners, laser-cutting machine)
•    A website providing access to courses and events, learning practices, and a list of available resources, etc.