Support for research projects

As part of international promotion for its research and educational activities, Université Bretagne Loire has set up a funding project with the Brittany region for organising international symposia and congresses.

Highlighting research activities internationally involves organising international symposia and conferences that are often an opportunity for researchers to compare the results of their research programmes with those obtained by overseas researchers. These symposia and conferences are also a chance to share results and highlight the complementary skills that may be a source of future partnerships. Often presided by academic societies, scientific publishers benefitting from labels that are recognised throughout Europe and internationally, these symposia and conferences lead to the publication of conference proceedings and to additional funding.

Under the authority of its Strategic Orientation Research Council (COS R) in the broader context of Brittany, Université Bretagne Loire has undertaken a policy of promoting the organisation of international symposia and conferences.
It manages conference programming and selects conference themes with the aim of:

  • increasing the awareness of the international scientific community about research carried out in Brittany
  • promoting the emergence of new international scientific collaboration
  • encouraging the integration of PhD candidates in the international scientific community