Support for international partnerships

Université Bretagne Loire has set up shared tools and measures in favour of international partnerships in research and education

In particular, they involve:

  • forging a network of international school management teams with a view to developing shared actions
  • supporting mobility, providing easier access to international experience
  • developing a strategy for action in strategic geographical areas, defined in collaboration with regional bodies
  • providing courses in foreign languages, in-class or remotely
  • supporting regional funding measures for European projects

Cooperation and partnerships

Université Bretagne Loire encourages its members to structure existing international exchanges in a strategic way.

  • Cooperation with China

In line with a pro-active approach encouraged by the French Consulate in Shanghai, the French Embassy in Beijing has granted Bretagne Loire University with funding to send representatives to China to promote meetings with the China Scholarship Council, a state organisation allocating mobility grants to Chinese students. This mechanism could usefully be coordinated by Bretagne Loire University.

  • Partnership with Southern Australia

Université Bretagne loire has also won support from the French Embassy in Australia to forge other types of cooperation, this time linked to joint educational and research projects focusing on the submarine construction contract with the Australian navy.


Université Bretagne Loire has a coordination mandate in the sector of international cooperation.

Some ten member institutions have agreed to share a stand in Seville for the 2017 “European Association for International Education” conference.

Université Bretagne Loire seeks to provide each of its members with an individual area on the stand.

An experience that should be renewed at other higher education trade fairs in America and/or Asia.