Research at Université Bretagne Loire

Overview of research in the region

The aim of Université BretagneLoire is to be a world-class university for the excellence of its research.

Key figures on research in Bretagne and Pays de la Loire region

  • Number of research units: 274
  • Number of doctoral students: 5,266
  • Number of researchers: 6,600
  • Number of people working in research [Loire and Brittany regions]: 27,380

Map of scientific skills and expertise in the region

Presentation of the research mission at Université Bretagne Loire

The research mission at Université Bretagne Loire is focused on two main areas of activity:

  • Developing disciplinary and inter-disciplinary cooperation to raise research to the highest international level
  • Reinforcing the international visibility and attractiveness of Université Bretagne Loire member institutions in terms of research and promoting the mobility and integration of researchers in international academic networks

The research mission is based on 10 research departments whose aim, together with the institutions and bodies, is to:

  • make proposals to the academic authorities in setting out the scientific strategy of Université Bretagne Loire
  • coordinate the research strategies of the units and/or teams
  • organise scientific activity in their community
  • provide forecasts and carry out classification and promotion of research carried out at Université Bretagne Loire
  • coordinate research and experimentation platforms in the respective areas
  • work together to promote Université Bretagne Loire and its course programmes
  • build shared programmes and projects for calls for proposals on a national, European and international level
  • promote and support research shared with other research departments of Université Bretagne Loire

To carry these tasks, each research department has at least the following bodies:

  • a research department management
  • a research department council

The department management is constituted by a director and two deputy managers, with all three members coming from different academic sites. Each department has a board of directors.
The research department council is presided by the department director.


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