Research departments

The research units in the region belong to ten research departments, which are bodies concerned with scientific concertation, coordination and promotion.

The 10 research departments at Université Bretagne Loire

Agro-ecosystem and Food
Director: Philippe SIMONEAU
Co-Directors: Christine FOURICHON and Pierre-Yves LE BAIL

Arts, Culture, Creation, Heritage
Director: Nicolas THELY
Co-Directors: Michel CATALA and Franck LAURENT

Cognition, Education, Interactions
Director: Catherine COLLIN
Co-Directors: Philippe ALLAIN and Brigitte ALBERO

Environment, Universe, Earth, Ecology, Society
Director: Luc AQUILINA
Co-Director: Olivier GRASSET

Director: Pierre-Yves MANACH
Co-Directors: Nicolas MOES and Joël GILBERT

Matter, Materials
Director: Jean-Luc ADAM
Co-Directors: Bruno BUJOLI and Marc SALLE

Sea and Coastline
Director: Antoine Paul DOSDAT
Co-Directors: Pascal JAOUEN and Sylviane LLINARES

Digital technology
Director: Thomas JENSEN
Co-Directors: Pierre COINTE and Yves COUDENE

Organisations, Societies, Territories
Director: Cyria EMELIANOFF
Co-Directors: Gilles LHUILIER and Lionel PRIGENT

Biology and Health
Director: Hervé LE MAREC
Co-Directors: Bernard JEGOU and Claude FEREC