Renting digital c@mpus rooms

Something truly unique in Europe, the Brittany Digital C@mpus connects 54 rooms of various sizes : collaborative work spaces, seminar rooms, meeting rooms with immersive e-learning and e-lecture halls.
Some rooms are available for rent, giving you access to optimal, user-friendly services with high-quality sound and visual facilities.

For the partners of the Université Bretagne Loire given below, pricing is available on request from

Partners as defined by decision n°2015-17 of the Board of Directors :
Bodies funding the project:
• MESR Rectorat
Brittany region
Côtes d’Armor department
Finistère department
City of Brest
City of Rennes
Saint Malo conurbation authority
Morlaix conurbation authority
Quimper conurbation authority
Pontivy conurbation authority
Saint Brieuc conurbation authority
• Lannion conurbation authority

Partner schools and organisations :
• Pôle Mer
• e-santé
• IRT B-com
• Pôle Images et Réseaux
• Valorial
• Bretagne Développement Innovation