International development at Université Bretagne Loire

International development is a way to attract overseas talent and students, as well as an instrument of strategic influence, helping to develop top-priority partnerships with the rest of the world.

The levers for action in this area aim to:

  • Reinforce the visibility and international prestige in research and education of the Université Bretagne Loire member institutions
  • Encourage the incorporation of these activities in international networks
  • Bring together the member institutions around pooled means to develop their international attraction
  • Invest in the international development of students’ education
  • Achieve a better footing overseas

To achieve these aims, Université Bretagne Loire focuses on coordinated actions to reinforce the supply of services for welcoming students and preparing them for international mobility, as well as creating a centre for developing European and international projects



Université Bretagne Loire at EAIE 2017   

Université Btretagne Loire strengthens
its ties with Australia








Université Bretagne Loire, partner
of Lebanese universities 

Meeting with Susan Close, Minister
of State of South Australia







Inter-regional meeting: 10 years of the ERC

Focus on the Marie Skłodowska Curie
European Scholarships







Digital: Intensifying cooperation with
the Ivory Coast

Four European Research Council scholarships
obtained in Brittany and Pays de la Loire







Opening session of the ERASMUS +
SCOLAMAR project

Flashback  to... The CMI Rennes World Cup







Participation in the General Assembly
of the CPMR’s Atlantic Arc Commission

Our research valorisation practices
interest our Belgian counterparts