Doctorates at Université Bretagne Loire

An attractive region for doctorates

Université Bretagne Loire and its co-accredited member schools make doctorates one of their major focal points in the promotion, attraction and international visibility of higher education and research in the west of France. They aim to attract the best PhD students to the member schools’ research units. 

Université Bretagne Loire offers PhD students an environment that is rich in talent (3 000 accreditations to supervise research), multi-disciplinary and closely linked to the socio-economic world. 

The Université Bretagne Loire Doctorate School

The Université Bretagne Loire Doctorate School coordinates the 11 inter-regional doctoral schools with over 5 200 postdoctoral researchers to date. 

The Doctorate School’s missions 

  • Promotion and operational supervision of doctorate
  • Setting up shared procedures respecting the doctoral charter of Université Bretagne Loire
  • Promotion of PhD graduates’ skills and career follow-up (in partnership with the Université Bretagne Loire Observatory)
  • Coordinating provision of cross-disciplinary courses
  • Setting up, applying and assessing coordinated cross-disciplinary projects
  • Coordination of international action
  • Development of an administration and tracking tool

Doctoral schools and doctoral centres

To guarantee the proximity needed by postdoctoral researchers with research units and their own universities, the coordination of doctoral schools on each of the major university sites is organised at the site’s doctoral centre. 
PhD students enrol in schools that are accredited for PhD degrees. The PhD is awarded by the school as part of the co-accreditation agreement. 



Implementation of the PhD charter
of the Université Bretagne Loire

Postdoctoral attractiveness campaign