Digital technology at Université Bretagne Loire

The “digital transition” has an impact on all the missions of our higher education and research institutions and is at the very heart of their organisation.
Whether for the revolution of e-learning, for the possibilities opened up by open science or for the challenges to professional orientation and integration, change will be required if institutions want to play a lasting role in the knowledge economy.
Université Bretagne Loire promotes the pooling of experience to help innovative projects and practices to develop. By networking local initiatives and achievements we can foster developments and take advantage of a strong lever effect.
Université Bretagne Loire sees digital technology as a means to bring men and women together, and a source of innovation.

This ambition is already taking concrete form through several projects:
•    The rollout of a high-quality and unified collaborative communications infrastructure to intensify collaborative practices between the various players on the site, as well as at a national and international level
•    Training and supporting the players involved to develop teaching and research practices based on digital technology and expand their impact within the member institutions
•    Promoting the opening up of content and services (interoperability of information systems)
•    Consolidating process-control data
•    Meeting the increasing needs in calculation resources, data storage and access to information (multi-site and multiplayer datacentres)

Two orientations have been developed, in particular:
1.    Structural projects: deployment of very high density wi-fi, broadening the communications infrastructure of the digital c@mpus all over the region
2.    Initiatives in favour of digital transition in higher education, particularly by setting up and developing online courses, providing support for teachers in uploading material or by developing shared projects

Overview of shared tools

An overall digital strategy for Université Bretagne Loire is currently being developed. It includes the tools and services that are already shared, as well as the measures that should be set up as a priority.
Example projects:
•    for research, Plug in labs Ouest
•    for PhD studies, Amethis and UNAM Docteur
•    for vocational training, the project for an occupational integration platform
•    for the entire community: development of super-fast broadband networks


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