Courses at Université Bretagne Loire


Université Bretagne Loire aims to be a world-class university for the excellence of its courses.

To achieve this goal, it brings the following levers into play :
•    Providing high-quality and open-ended courses, adapted to a world in movement, and reconciling the recognition of subject matter and the need for inter-disciplinary courses
•    Giving students access to the information they need to make sound course choices in a spirit of continuity from secondary school to university
•    Becoming the focal point for innovative educational developments in line with new expectations and a new public, and to improve the quality of courses and teaching, making the acquisition of information, knowledge and skills easier
•    Becoming a meeting place for the educational system and the world of work (development of block-release programmes – including apprenticeships – and lifelong learning).

The range of courses at the member schools of Université Bretagne Loire

Access the university courses provided at member schools of Université Bretagne Loire.